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What is a Maker's Kit?

Take your STEM learning to the next level with Picosolution's Maker's Kits - a comprehensive kit full of all the tools and materials you need to build a successful prototype in this competition. 


How do I order my (FREE) Maker's Kit?

Maker's Kits are completely FREE to participants in the contest, with a limit of 3 per school (Schools with more than 3 teams will have to share materials among their teams). We encourage your team to wait until you receive your kit to buy any extra materials, since the kits come with everything you need to be successful. Teams are encouraged to build the prototype from recycled/repurposed materials.

Once your team submits your FULL registration form through our submission form, you will receive your kit to begin working on your project. Teams who register during early registration will receive their kits earlier, getting a head start!

What comes inside of my Maker's Kit?


Thomas Edison once said..."To invent - all you need is a good imagination and a pile of junk." Here's your "junk":

▢Kuman (arduino) uno microchip

▢Ultrasonic distance sensor

▢Micro servo

▢Piezo buzzer

▢Touch sensor

▢Temperature sensor

▢IR obstacle sensor

▢On/off button switch

▢Connection wires

▢Solderless breadboard

▢DC motor set-up

▢Multimeter with battery

▢Battery clip ▢Dowels ▢LEDS ▢Pipe cleaners

Improved Wind turbine set-up ▢Solar panel

Made with our Maker's Kits! 

& a little bit of Thomas Edison Spirit!

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