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What is a Maker's Kit?

Take your STEM learning to the next level with Picosolution's Maker's Kits - a comprehensive kit full of all the tools and materials you need to build a successful prototype in this competition. Our Maker's Kits will have a completely new look for 2022 - New boxes, new items, and new instructions!

How do I order my (FREE) Maker's Kit?

Maker's Kits are completely FREE to participants in the contest, with a limit of 3 per school (Schools with more than 3 teams will have to share materials among their teams). We encourage your team to wait until you receive your kit to buy any extra materials, since the kits come with everything you need to be successful. Teams are encouraged to build the prototype from recycled/repurposed materials.

Once your team submits your FULL registration form through our submission form, you will receive your kit to begin working on your project. Teams who register during early registration will receive their kits earlier, getting a head start!

What comes inside of my Maker's Kit?


The Maker's Kits will include a mix of programming, alternative energy, biomedical, and mechanical supplies.

Our school has more than 3 teams who will need Maker’s Kits materials. How should we go about “splitting” the materials among these teams?

In order to provide more students with materials this year, we are limiting each school to 3 Maker’s Kits. However, you may sign up as many teams as you want for your school! This means that teams may need to share kits, whether that means:

  • Using the tools for a certain time and pass/deliver them to the next team when they are done with them

  • Splitting up the tools in each kit for teams depending on their needs (Each kit has alternative energy, medical, and mechanical pieces so you may not need them all for one team.) It might be a good idea to have each team pick a different category for their invention ahead of time, so that you can designate certain tools from the kit (listed above) to certain teams.

  • Choosing which teams need a kit for their project and which teams may not. Some projects are more app/digital-based and will not need most items in the kit to complete their project. Other teams will use other resources, like recycled materials, repurposed items from their homes/classrooms, or materials purchased with your early registration gift card, as a main part of your project rather than the items in the Maker's Kit.


Please note: It is 100% possible to do the contest with limited kits. Last year, schools with 11-15 teams found success with only 3 kits. Other schools couldn’t access their kits in the classroom when schools locked down and were forced to find creative ways to use recycled materials and digital programs to complete their project. 

Made with our Maker's Kits! 

& a little bit of Thomas Edison Spirit!

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