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KNIGHTS OF EDISON helps to motivate inventors by creating an entire force of inventing soldiers to take on the problems in the world with innovation and perseverance. No matter whether or not your invention works as pictured, students are encouraged to complete their submission of notebooks and video to gain entrance into our KNIGHTS OF EDISON club...a community established in 2015 for real-life inventors. inspired by Edison!


EVERY team who completes the program will receive not only a $200 stipend for their mentor/teacher but a letter of induction into the KNIGHTS OF EDISON club.




The KNIGHTS OF EDISON club was created in 2015 as a fan club providing scientific and educational mentoring services and programs. This club invited inventors who were inspired by Thomas Edison to unite, collaborate on innovative ideas, and connect to become the most successful inventors they can be. Over the years, in collaboration with the Edison Innovation Foundation & Charles Edison Fund, the club has invited more and more young students who show promise as inventors and entrepreneurs to become part of a like-minded community from a young age, with access to older mentors who can steer them in the right direction.

What does it mean to be a KNIGHT OF EDISON?


It is quite simple to be considered a KNIGHT OF EDISON. Are you interested in STEM, inventing, or the business of creating new industries? Do you look up to Thomas Edison as a mentor?  Do you want to make the world a brighter place with innovation? By completing the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest 2020, you have not only shown your interest in invention but that you have the qualities (like innovation, perseverance,  critical thinking, and hard work) that will make you a successful inventor and valuable part of the KNIGHTS OF EDISON club!

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