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Register for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest

Registering for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest easier than ever through Judgify. Every team will be required to create an account, register their team, and submit their notebook and video through this new site. This easy process will keep everything accessible in one place for your team to work on together until the deadlines.

Once your team has completed registration, you will be put on the list to be sent your Maker's Kit to get started on your project! We can't wait to see what your bright ideas will be this year!


Early registration runs from December 1-December 31! Teams who register during this period will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card for project supplies & get a head start on their Maker's Kits!


Teams will be also able to register throughout the month of January, but no later. Teams who register from January 1 - January 31 will get the average time to complete their projects and receive their Maker's Kits in February.

Note: If you are a mentor registering multiple teams, you will have to create different accounts for each team. After registering your first team, log out of that account in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Repeat this process of creating an account, filling out registration and then logging out for each team you register. Please note that you will have to register each team under a different email address.

More Important Information to Register

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