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Thomas Edison

Pitch Contest 2020

We created this contest in 2010 as a competition to showcase and encourage invention, innovation and entrepreneurship among students grades 4-12. Every year, students submit their great inventions to win fun prizes and gain the hands-on experience exclusive to our contest! 

NOTE: This guide is for the 2019-20 contest. The 2020-21 will be similar but will have some key changes - Check back here in November for the latest version of the guide!

In this guide, you’ll find instructions, rubrics, & tips on how to compete in our contest. If you have any questions about the contest after reading through the guide, please reach out to us at

Download the full guide below! After filling out the form below, you will be sent an email with the file download!

Message from

Our Chairman

John Keegan

Invention and creativity are the very heart of the Thomas Edison legacy. He believed without doubt in human ingenuity and reasoning to solve the world’s problems. He also strongly believed these powerful forces for good in the world should be taught in school. His worldview on education is now heard in such modern day phrases in our school like teaching across the curriculum, integrated learning, hands-on design challenges, team-based learning, and yes, even STEM. 

Thomas Edison not only recognized opportunity, he created it. So join us for this event and celebrate the spirit of Thomas Edison. Have fun and learn! 

John P. Keegan, Chair and President

Edison Innovation Foundation


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