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Sign up for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest

Registering for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest is completely FREE and will now be completed through the Google Classroom pages below. One designated person from each team will sign up for the class, register their team and submit their assignments in one familiar place.

Once your team has completed the registration form, you are signed up! You will be expected to submit a short video in December to receive your FREE Maker's Kits in January. The final submission is due on April 8. Download the full guide to learn more about the assignments and due dates! We can't wait to see what your bright ideas will be this year!


Registration will be earlier this year than in the past to give you more time to work on your projects. It will be open for one month. Teams who register from Oct 10-Nov 10 and submit their first video in December will receive their Maker's Kits in January.

Things to Keep In Mind When Registering ​

Some school gmail accounts won't allow you to join classes outside of your domain: If you get the error message "You can't join this class", it is likely this is the case. To fix this, try to join the class with your personal email OR create a gmail account for the contest.


🗓️Registration is earlier this year: Usually it starts in December, but we have moved it up so you have more time to work on your project.

🗳️Your team will register through Google Classroom: Use the links above (according to your grade level) to access the registration form, which will be under the classwork tab.

🙋🏻‍♀️Use only one Google Account to join the class: While everyone will work on the assignments together, you should have one designated "submitter" sign up for the classroom, either your mentor or student team leader. Sign into that person's gmail account to access Google Classroom or create a new account, if they don't have one. You can also create a gmail account just for the contest, that everyone in your team will have access to. 

⭐️Fill out the "Registration Form" under the Classwork tab in order to complete registration by Nov 10:
This is where you will input all of your team's information and answer the 4 required open-ended questions. Once you have completed the form, you should see a confirmation message.

👩‍🏫Teachers submitting on behalf of multiple teams can do it from one main account: Once you have completed the form for your first team, click the button to submit another response.

🎥Once you have registered your team, you can begin working on the your invention vision video (Due Dec 22): This year, you will complete this first part of the project before receiving your Maker's Kit at the beginning of 2024.

❓If you have any questions, reach out to us at or on the contact page of this website.

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