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Producing your Final Presentation Video

(60% of Final Grade)

Your Final Presentation Video will count for the majority of your final grade for the contest and is due April 19. Use this video to showcase your prototype & sell your idea to the judges!The presentation your team will make in the video is the culmination of months of work that you all have dedicated to the project. Students may use visual aids, effects, skits, and more to demonstrate and celebrate their invention!


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The video should:

  • Be about 5-10 minutes long

  • Include documentation of the build process (Photo & Video)

  • Showcase your Prototype: There are many kinds of prototypes that are acceptable! Whether it is functional or not, please include your model.

  • Answer the Challenge: How will you make the world a brighter place?

  • Show a need for your invention in society: What problem are you solving with your invention? Who will be the audience for your invention?

  • Sell your idea to the judges: What makes your invention different? What makes your invention the best?

  • Be your best work!!: This is the primary way you will be judged, so be sure that this video is in tip-top shape, with as many visuals as possible to help the judges understand & love your invention.

Successful Examples From Past Years

(These examples are meant for inspiration...DO NOT plagiarize these videos or inventions at risk of disqualification.)

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

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