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Final Round: Video Presentation

**Final Video Submission is required to be eligible for judging and the $300 teacher stipend.




The presentation the students will make is the culmination of the months of work they have dedicated to the project. Students may use visual aids and any means necessary to demonstrate and celebrate their prototype…fully functional or not. You will be graded on 2 parts of your presentation: the video & the prototype.

The final video should:

  • Be about 5 minutes long

  • Include documentation of the build process

  • Showcase your “prototype”** (There are many kinds of prototypes that are acceptable. Get more info about “Creating the Prototype” below)

  • Sell your idea to the judges...What makes your invention different? The best?

  • Be your best work! (This is the primary way you will be judged, so be sure that this video is in tip top shape, with as many visuals as possible to help the judges understand your invention)

Submit your final video here!

Creating the prototype:

  • The prototype of your solution will be the primary way you showcase your idea to the judges. In some cases, prototypes do not function entirely. This is totally acceptable. Many times, understanding why something does not work is just as valuable of a learning experience. You are encouraged to create your prototype from recycled or repurposed materials. See rubric below.

Important Links

**Note: Please be sure to submit all of your engineering notebooks by April 19 as well!

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