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Round 1: Edison Immersion Video

The video submission period is over for this year's competition. Please follow us on Facebook (@thomasedison) to stay up to date and have the chance to enter in next year's competition!


**Video Submission is required to finish the registration for your team




The Thomas Edison Immersion portion of the TEIC is an opportunity for students to research one of the world's most famous of inventors, Thomas Edison. This should encourage students to research and gain insight into who Thomas Edison was. Most students know he was an inventor, but the video should focus on some aspects of who he was a person too. Get creative, get personal, tell us who Thomas Edison was and how he has inspired your invention idea.

The video should:

  • Include team's name in the title

  • Be 1-5 minutes

  • Be creative and different from the others

  • Answer these 2 questions fully: Who was Thomas Edison? What do you plan to invent?

  • Talk about Thomas Edison as an inventor and person

Information on Thomas Edison can be obtained in several ways. Some suggestions include:

  1. Site visit to Edison Labs in West Orange, NJ

  2. Recommended Websites:

Find the

Video Rubric


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