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Get exclusive access to helpful STEM curriculum 

Our partner, PicoSolutions, is offering access to their exclusive STEM curriculum to every team that registers for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest 2020 FOR FREE! This curriculum will keep students engaged in the latest technology (i.e. what comes in your STEM Maker’s Kit) while learning vital skills like problem solving & knowing how to present your work.


This will make it possible for teachers & parents to be able to teach the newest STEM ideas & lead a Pitch Contest team, even with little to no prior experience in that field. If this is your first year doing the contest or you aren’t a specialized STEM teacher, the new PicoSolutions curriculum is the perfect aid to help not only try but complete the contest in 2020! 

Project RED by PicoSolutions


From the PicoSolutions Website:

"PicoSolutions’ Project RED curriculum focuses on teaching the skills students need to succeed in their careers. Problem-solving, knowing how to present your work and working as a team are critical to being a part of any team. Our curriculum units per example about bionics, aeronautics, and robotics keep the students engaged in the latest technology while learning those vital skills. 

These programs are designed to make the students prepared for the future. The world is changing faster than anyone can keep up with at this point unless you are on the ground."

What themes does the curriculum cover?



The robotics unit is an introduction into the world of robots that combines knowledge in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Students will learn to something moves and can be programed.

Alternative Energy

Students will study what energy is, how it can be used, and different ways it can be captured. They will learn about wind turbines, solar power, and hydro power.

Wind Turbine

Students will study what energy is, how wind is formed and its energy harvesting qualities, how wind turbines are built and how those parts work together to generate electricity.

Sound Visualization

Students will learn how sound travels through the air, how audio engineers use their knowledge of sound wave to manipulate sound and learn the anatomy of the ear.


The PicoPreneurs course teaches students all about how to start, develop, and grow their business utilizing emerging technologies. This course connects students to the real-world problem they can relate to.

Automobiles (Mechanical Engineering)

Students learn how an automobile is designed and the components are a part of it. The chassis, engine, mechanics and surface materials are taught to learn how a car functions so they can apply that to other mechanical (moving) project they are create.

Bionics (Biomedical Engineering)

This bionics course teaches students the difficulties of missing limbs and how to create a bionic hand to solve these issues. This STEM program connects students to the real world by them solving a problem that others are going through.

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